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Keeping garbage, trash, and unused items in your home can cause stress, fatigue, mental heaviness, and negativity in your life. Extra junk takes up space and generates visual and psychological harm. People think that keeping broken objects does not cause damage in many cases. The problem is that this becomes a habit, and you can become a hoarder in no time. Hoarding causes discomfort in the person who endlessly stores junk and the people close to them. Extra Junk Affects your Physical and Mental Health Owning a lot of junk affects not only the physical and mental health of the person. Old junk causes discomfort, as it takes up a lot of space, causing you not to be able to move freely. Another aspect to consider is possible accidents. Garbage can emit toxic elements that affect your health. You could accidentally ingest these poisonous molecules causing damage to your lungs.…

Since the garage tends to be a catch-all for items that don’t have space in our homes or things we don’t want to deal with, cleaning it can seem overwhelming. You can break a seemingly big job into smaller tasks by having a clear plan of action, making cleaning the garage more efficient and less staggering.