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Frequently Asked Questions

Time Now Services FAQ

  • Is Contactless Service Available?

    Absolutely! Choose curbside removal when you book our service, and put the things you need gone outside about an hour before we are scheduled to arrive. Once we are done, you’ll receive an invoice in your email for payment!

  • What Items Do You Take?

    We can remove almost anything! Furniture, appliances, mattresses, electronics, household items, clothing, fixtures, lighting, old tools, wood, scrap metal, yard debris, construction debris, dirt, concrete, brick, spas, fencing, sheds, play structures, exercise equipment, carpets, car batteries, tires, toys, and more. 

    We CANNOT remove hazardous waste including old paint, oils, pesticides, medicine, ammunition, fireworks, anything containing asbestos, or any items our specialists feel unsafe removing. 

  • How Much Is This Going To Cost?

    Depends on what you need! See our pricing page to get an idea of where we start. Our lowest priced service is $69. We will always contact you and provide an estimate prior to confirming your appointment. 

    Pricing is primarily based on volume of items removed and time, however adjustments are made if items are especially heavy (a truckload of concrete is not equal to a truckload of cardboard!)

  • Can I Add Items After Booking Junk Removal?

    Absolutely! Please contact us prior to your appointment and let us know what you’ve added so that we can update your estimate. 

    Last minute additions (without giving prior notice) are generally accepted, provided there is space for the item. Your final charge will be updated on the spot. 

  • What Is Curbside And Full Service?

    Curbside service refers to any time we can easily pull up our truck and trailer to load up your junk. If you have a large driveway that we can back into and all your junk is in the garage right next to it, great! We will treat that as curbside pickup. If you put your items out literally next to the curb, perfect! We will be there on time so it is not an eyesore. 

    Full service is anytime the crew has to go inside your home or elsewhere on the property to remove the items. This carries a labor charge at $79/hour with a 15 minute minimum. If there are items we need tools to remove, such as mounted shelving or cabinets, the labor charge applies as well. 

  • What Do You Do With Everything?

    We do our best in sorting out recyclable materials as well as salvageable items. Furniture and other items that are in acceptable condition are taken to the AMVETS Thrift Store in Mission Hills! Everything not recyclable or able to be donated is then taken to the Miramar Landfill.

  • I've Got A Unique Need, Can You Help?

    Most likely! Give us a call and let us know what you need.

  • What Other Services Do You Offer?

    We offer a couple different services! In addition to junk removal, we can help you with your small move, or just lend you a couple sets of hands. If you need help loading your UHaul or have some stuff you just need moved around your house, give us a call!

  • I've Got Another Question....

    No problem – use our contact form to get a hold of us, or call or text us anytime!

  • We Would Love to Work With You